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Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy and Dress Code

Twin Rivers Unified School District

Johnson Elementary School

Uniform Policy and Dress Code

The purpose of the Johnson School Dress Code is to help maintain a safe and orderly learning environment that is focused on learning; school uniforms are mandatory. Clothing or accessories which are disruptive or distracting to the school or classroom environment are not allowed. Students should pay attention to personal neatness and cleanliness and dress appropriately for the weather and activities. Students are required to wear appropriate fitting clothes;2 i.e., clothing must match the student’s body size (not too small, large, or revealing), and cover upper, mid, & lower sections. No sagging pants or visible undergarments. No crop tops, tube tops, midriffs, spaghetti straps, or jock-cut tops. Clothing must be maintained and free from holes, tears, or rips. No sweatpants, track pants, pajama bottoms, spandex pants, leggings, denim, cord, or jean pants. Clothes depicting alcohol, drugs, sexual innuendo, inappropriate images, gestures, or violence are not permitted. Any clothing or accessory (shoes, clothes, hats, hair, fingernails, etc.) which is evident of membership or affiliation with any gang is not allowed. Gang-related apparel &/or colors is prohibited (EC 35183).


Footwear          Tennis shoes are recommended so that students can play during recess and P.E.  Flip flops,

platforms, and heels higher than ½” are not permitted.  No open toed shoes or sandals. No predominantly red shoes or red laces. 


    Tops               Plain white or navy blue collared (Polo-style are preferred). No undergarments or undershirts

    will be showing.  Shirts must be tucked in while in class. School approved spirit shirts may be worn only on



Bottoms           Plain navy blue pants, skirt, skort, jumper, capris, or shorts. Pants and shorts must be hemmed.

Shorts/pants must be long enough to reach the end of fingertips when arms are down at side. White, black, blue,

or beige socks, leggings or tights maybe worn under uniform (shorts, skirts, skort, etc.).


Belts                Belts may be white, black, blue, or beige and are not to hang down below the belt line.

No messages, images, logos, or designs.


     Headgear          No head covering of any kind will be worn indoors. Headgear may be worn outside for

    sun protection or warmth. Headgear worn backwards or sideways is not allowed. Bandanas are not allowed

    at any time.     


Make-up, etc.    Students will not wear make-up of any kind. Fake fingernails, nail polish, eye-lashes, or

visible tattoos are not allowed.


Jewelry           In general, jewelry and/or clothing accessories should not be worn at school. Except for

post earrings worn in ears,  all other body jewelry must be removed or concealed.


Hair                  Students that wear hair styles or have hair colored that are deemed to be disruptive to the learning environment

may be asked to change. 


Outerwear        Jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts should be a neutral color, plain (no messages, images,

logos, or designs) and clean without holes, tears, or rips. Blue or white sweaters and/or sweatshirts are the

only outer covering allowed to be worn in the classroom. Jackets are not to be worn in the classroom unless heating out of service.


The last Friday of each month are, “Free Dress Days” only for students with perfect attendance (no tardies, lates, or absences) and no discipline referrals, office referrals, or suspensions for the month. Free dress applies to only tops and bottoms. On "Free dress days," students must follow school dress codes as stated above. On Spirit Days students may participate with the theme, while following the school dress code as stated above, or may wear their school uniform.


* Dress code discretion is up to the administrator on duty.


Dress Code violation Consequences

Call home for change / loss of recesses / access to emergency clothes closet if available


*Emergency clothes closet depends on donations.


School uniforms are mandatory.  The State Legislature and the District have prescribed guidelines that must be followed.  If you need help with uniforms, please call our office for assistance (566-3480).